Storing things in a memory box

Published: 18th May 2011
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Everyones life contains pinacle moments and important events, from the day you are born, to your graduation or wedding day. With no real keepsake place any trinkets from these memories can easily get misplaced or left behind. To avoid loosing any of these lovely items you should consider keeping them in a memory box.

Before jumping in and making your memory box you should consider who you are making it for, yourself or a friend, and for what occaison are you making it. Many people use memory boxes for different things, some people like to dedicate them to a person, or a special event, where as others will have one memory box to store general trinkets from their entire life. Anyone would love to receive a memory box as a gift, whether you make one for a friend to save all their wedding memories, or whether you make one for your child to record the early years of their life. There are very few errors you can make when creating a memory box so just make something which you are pleased with.

When you have decided what the box will be for and have an idea of what size you will need you should next consider what you want the actual memory box should look like. Memory boxes come in different shapes and sizes and made out of a variety of materials. If you are wanting to spend alot of money on your memory box project you should definately buy a wooden one as these are best for storing things in and will last a long time. A wooden memory box can come in different types of wood allowing different finishes, or you can have them painted whatever colour you wish. When it comes to additional decoration on your memory boxes there are so many different things which you can do. Some people like their memory box to be personalised with text or a photograph, and many companies will paint or print these onto your box to save you the hassle. If you're making a gift a personalised memory box is great for any occaision.

So you now know what or who your box is for, and how you want it decorated. You have the box in your hands so what do you do with it now? If you are giving the memory box away as a gift you may want to put in a few items, or leave it empty to the giftee can fill it with their own memories, or if it is for yourself you can begin to fill it up yourself. A memory box should be a place to keep significant items from significant events, this allows you to look through the box at a later date and recall things from the past you may have forgot.

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